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Seriously.. Try it. [Mar. 23rd, 2006|01:11 pm]


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This week I got to attended the Computer in Libraries 2006 conference by InfoToday in DC. I shortly realized that I am truly a geek because I work with computers in a library. :oP

Here is a geeky link for you all to try curtsey of the Computer in Libraries conference. A french company called Exalead as created an amazing search engine that uses intutive thinking. Which means if you enter the word or phrase it will give you a range for related topics, then you can sort them based on type of file and/or catergory the website is listed under. My favorite features are the Phonetic search (sense I am a HORRIBLE speller) and the quick view/thumbnail of the website (excellent for the visual memory). When you click on the webpage it will give you a quick view of the page, then show you where all the words from your search are in the page. EXCELLENT tool! Seriously. Check it out.

Unfortunately, you only have the web based search, but it can be used for your computer and network drives. Excellent neat tool.

[User Picture]From: draconagena
2006-04-02 07:41 pm (UTC)
Wow...that's actually pretty cool. Thanks...that's really helpful.
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